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Mass exodus from Mass

For the third year in a row, Massachusetts was named among the top 10 “most moved from” states in the country, according to a moving company’s annual study. (With how the New England Patriots are playing are you surprised?)

Results gathered by United Van Lines in its 46th annual National Movers Study placed the Commonwealth seventh on the list, with 56.6% of respondents moving out while new residents total at 43.4%.

United Van Lines offers a breakdown of why respondents moved in or out of state. Most people moved out of state because of family, jobs and retirement.

Most respondents moving out of state were between the ages of 55 and 64 at 29.47%, according to the study. More seniors (30.01%) and people between 18 and 34 (25.63%) were noted to be moving inbound. Massachusetts residents making $150,000 or more made up the majority of residents moving in (55.08%) and out (46.36%) of the state.

Previous studies by United Van Lines placed Massachusetts eighth in 2020 and seventh in 2021 out of the top 10 states people are moving from.

Here’s a full breakdown of why residents are moving out or moving into Massachusetts. United Van Lines clarified that percentages pertaining to demographic data may not total 100%, as respondents with the ability to opt out of answering survey questions and/or select more than one survey response per question.

Retirement: 22.03% moving out, 12.98% moving in

Health: 11.02% moving out, 7.69% moving in

Family: 36.44% moving out, 34.13% moving in

Lifestyle: 18.22% moving out, 12.5% moving in

Job: 26.27% moving out, 34.62% moving in

Cost: 10.59% moving out, 3.37% moving in

Where They Moved

So where did our fellow Bostonians moved to? For those who have moved in the last three years, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee have been popular destinations.

Where Bostonians are moving to

North Carolina making a surge last year. Here are things to know about moving there! So, what makes it more popular to Boston, Massachusetts?

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Mass exodus from Mass

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Mass exodus from Mass

It’s enigmatic that Boston, a city rich in history and home to some of the best colleges and hospitals in the country ranks No. 5 in the country for net outflow, according to a recent migration analysis by

But then again, COVID-19 turned normal on its head.

The report is based on a sample of some 2 million users who searched for homes across 112 metro areas in July.

Boston, along with San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. saw more movement than any other metro areas. According to the report, Beantown’s July 2021 net outflow was 7,492, a year ago that number was -210. Where are they going? They’re heading north. Bostonians were most drawn to Portland, Maine.

A net outflow measures how many more home searchers looked to flee a particular city, instead of relocating to it. 

Warm-weather destinations like Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tampa were the most sought-after places to flock to with the highest rate of net inflow. Who wouldn’t want to work from the beach or near a golf course?

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Mass exodus from Mass

The New York-Newark-Jersey City metro area tops the list for the highest out-migration activity, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Washington, D.C. For the most part, residents left these expensive metro areas for less costly housing markets or for warmer weather.

Other cities with high out-migration included Seattle, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, and Portland, all known for high home prices and population density. Areas that experienced population and home price explosions in recent years also lost residents, including Denver and Salt Lake City. Urban markets even in warmer climates were also on the list for having high out-migration activity, likely because of affordability issues. For example, Miami had the sixth-highest out-migration and Orlando had the 11th highest.

With more and more workers able to work from home remotely. Are we go to see a mass exodus from Mass?

According to a new study, the hot real estate markets are no longer on the costs, but in the middle of America as the video clip below shows.

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