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The Perfect Gift for a Merry Christmas!

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The Perfect Gift for a Merry Christmas! Two students Andrew and Robert were roommates in college in downtown Boston.

When they returned from their winter break, Andrew began to tell Rob about the new clothes, new cell phone, etc. that he received for Christmas, Rob seemed somewhat impressed. 

“So, what did you get for Christmas?” Andrew asked Rob. Expecting to hear his wonderful list of presents, Rob instead replied silently, holding one small item, an alarm clock that probably cost less than $5 at the thrift shop.

“That’s nice,” Andrew answered, thinking that he was sure glad he hadn’t received such a present, seemingly so small and insignificant.

As time passed…

Later, Andrew would tease his Rob by pretending to throw that clock into the air and then catch it right before it hit the ground, feigning an attempt to damage his precious clock. Rob never thought this was funny.  Andrew could ever understand how precious the gift was to him.

As the four years passed and they both graduated from college. Andrew noticed Rob had that same inexpensive alarm clock as he packed to move into his new Beacon Hill apartment.

You see, Rob/s family lived in West Virginia far from the wealthy, the only present his parents could afford to give him for Christmas was that simple, unimpressive clock. What seemed like cheap sale material for some was a family treasure for Rob.

A Boston condo broker and the moral of the story

You know what? 10 years later, Andrew and Rob meant up at the Sevens Pub in Beacon Hill, to catch up and talk about old times.

Here’s the funny thing. Andrew cannot remember a single present – the clothes, the cell phone etc.  – he received for Christmas that year. You know what else? Andrew did remember Rob’s one gift. He may have gotten his many presents, but his friend got only one single present from his parents – that which was definitely more precious.

The clock represented the love of his parents for him.

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The Perfect Gift for a Merry Christmas!

Around this time each year, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to sell their houses. Similarly, others who already have their homes on the market remove their listings until the spring. Let’s unpack the top reasons why selling your house now, or keeping it on the market this season, is the best choice you can make. This year, buyers want to purchase homes for the holidays, and your house might be the perfect match.

Here are seven great reasons not to wait to sell your house this holiday season:

1. Buyers are active now. Mortgage rates are historically low, providing motivation for those who are ready to get more for their money over the life of their home loan.

2. Purchasers who look for homes during the holidays are serious ones, and they’re ready to buy.

3. You can restrict the showings in your house to days and times that are most convenient for you, or even select virtual options. You’ll remain in control, especially in today’s Boston condo sellers’ market.

4. Homes decorated for the holidays appeal to many buyers.

5. Today, there’s minimal competition for you as a seller. There just aren’t enough houses on the market to satisfy buyer demand, meaning sellers are in the driver’s seat. Over the past year, inventory has declined to record lows, making it the opportune time to sell your house (See graph below):Your House May Be High on the Buyer Wish List This Holiday Season | Keeping Current Matters6. The desire to own a home doesn’t stop during the holidays. Buyers who have been searching throughout the fall and have been running into more and more bidding wars are still on the lookout. Your home may be the answer.

7. This season is the sweet spot for sellers, and the number of listings will increase after the holidays. In many parts of the country, more new construction will also be available for sale in 2021, which will lessen the demand for your house next year.

Boston Condos for Sale and the Bottom Line 

More than ever, this may be the year it makes the most sense to list your house during the holiday season. Reach out to a local real estate professional to determine if selling now is your best move.

 Boston Condos for sale 


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