Every major metropolitan region is bound to be viewed in terms of stereotypes, and downtown Boston is no exception. We all know stereotypes are often exaggerated in terms of generalization, but they can also hold grains of truth when they’re evaluated in context. In the case of housing markets, stereotypes can often shine a light on the culture and lifestyles of residents. Here are some generalizations about living in downtown Boston that are not only interesting but also factual to a certain extent.

1. Boston Is Obsessed with Sports

Sports are a major part of the city’s culture (as well as the culture of the downtown Boston area). Boston sports fans are known for their fanatical devotion to the Red Sox and knowledge of the team’s history. However, in recent memory Boston is now known as a football town, as the Patriots have long seized the title as the most popular team in New England. Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball (MLB) and holds a legendary status among baseball fans.Within the same era, what is now the world’s oldest existing indoor multi-sports facility – today’s Matthews Arena, primarily used by Northeastern University’s college sports teams – first opened in 1910, only some 400 meters (1/4 mile) away from the original home field of the Red Sox – and is where on December 1, 1924, the Boston Bruins played their first NHL regular season game.

The Greater Boston region is the only city/surrounding area in American professional sports in which all facilities are privately owned and operated. The Patriots own Gillette Stadium, the Red Sox own Fenway Park, and TD Garden is owned by Delaware North, owner of the Bruins. The Celtics rent TD Garden from Delaware North.

2. Irish Pubs Are Everywhere

This is a technically inaccurate generalization that should be more accurately expressed as “There are many Boston Irish Pubs”  The Irish do have a strong influence on the local restaurant scene and politics, but there is a lot of diversity in this regard.

3.Boston Residents Cannot Drive

Okay, we have bad roads, in return creates bad drivers. 

4. Boston Is Very Liberal

Compared to San Francisco and Southern California, voter registration databases in Boston suggest residents are pretty balanced in their political ideologies. Independent voters are the fastest growing political group in Massachusetts.

5. Everyone Is in Tech or Health, Education or Finance

Err… There’s some truth to that especially in Beacon Hill and Boston Seaport District.

6. Everyone Is into Biking

Quite a few homebuyers look for condos in Back Bay, Beacon Hill and Midtown that offer storage space for their bikes. Buses operated by the Metropolitan Transit System will let you bring bikes on the T on non-rush hours. A few nice bike paths are within reasonable distance of the downtown Boston districts: Seaport, Beacon Hill and Boston’s North End are good for riders.

7. Craft Beer Dominates Boston

There are a few microbreweries in downtown Boston and more all across the city, thus giving validity to this stereotype, Boston has quickly caught up to Portland and Denver in terms of craft beer production.

Stereotypes are sometimes true, and the ones mentioned above might even convince you downtown Boston is the perfect place for your next condo purchase whether its Back Bay, Beacon Hill or Boston’s North End. Its eclectic mix of restaurants, events, and neighborhoods make it the ideal place for almost everyone. Our team at Ford Realty specializes in real estate in downtown Boston, so make sure to call one of our friendly agents at 617-595-3712 and let us help you get started on finding your perfect downtown Boston home.

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