Boston Condos for Sale and Apartments for Rent


Okay, Boston condo sellers here’s where we are.

There are three types of sellers:

  1. Sure, I’m motivated…. if I get my price.
  2. I’ll sell for what the market will bear.
  3. Desperate.

Unless your Boston condo for sale is a real trophy property, this isn’t the market that tolerates aspirational Boston condo sellers.  For those who will only sell if they get their price – you should wait this out….and it could take a while.

Boston luxury condo sales

The high-priced listings might get showings, but mostly to Boston condo buyers who are considering the better-priced home down the street. It will take another six months and some boost from a strong 2023 spring selling season before the listings priced at retail-plus will start selling again. And that’s probably optimistic.

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Boston condos

Boston condo for sale market 2023

I still think the 2023 Spring Selling Season will be boisterous, and the sales volume will pick up – but generally-speaking, I agree with Zillow that pricing won’t be rising. 

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Boston condos