Parcel 7 is a space above the Mass Pike that is being sold by the Turnpike Authority for development.

John Rosenthal, local developer and anti-gun activist, had been promoted by the city as the best person to buy it and develop it, into a mixture of office and residential space.

The Turnpike Authority has instead decided to put the parcel out for bid. Sounds good – it should go to the highest bidder, not gifted to someone just because people like him.

Still, I hope Mr. Rosenthal wins the right to develop the space (and, I mean space, as in air space).

The neighborhood should be behind this, 100% – it’s in an area where everything else is either a parking lot, a BU building, a bar, or a ball park. It’s “dreary”.

No one should complain that someone is asking to build something there.

Even if the selected developer chooses to build a parking garage on Parcel 7, there will be more than enough room to build office and residential space on Parels 8, 9, and 10.

More: Fenway’s new frontier: Pike to sell rights to build over road – By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

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