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The world of Boston real estate for sale marketing condos for sale on web sites can be misleading, sometimes deliberately so. I saw an advertisement about how many visits this particular Boston condo for sale web site of a local real estate company gets and how home sellers should have their home listed on it.

The ad more or less says that if you want your home listed for sale on our website then you need to list it with one of their agents. What the add doesn’t say is that if you list your Boston condo for sale with any agent from any local real estate company it will end up on all Boston real estate sites and appear to be one of our listings.

How Boston Real Estate MLS Works

When someone lists a Beacon Hill condo or a Boston high rise condo with a local real estate company, and we can use my company as an example, the same information appears about the home on sites like a zillion and Trulia. Usually, the listing information is fed directly to participating sites directly from the MLS. The same feed also sends it to Zillow and Realtor(dot) com and many other sites.

As a home seller if it is important to you to have your home listed on the web sites of the largest local companies or on the web sites with the most traffic listing your home with any REALTOR® from any real estate company should work.

The system may be confusing but it also gets all of the agents in the area competing to find a buyer for all of the homes that are listed. Your Boston condo for sale is also used as bait by agents who pay to get “leads” from sites like Zillow.

Boston restate agents pay to have their contact information next to the listings. In fact, the reason the sites are free to consumers is because of advertising revenue from real estate agents. Yet consumers often see the site as an alternative to real estate agents.

People who are selling their home without listing it with an agent can and should list it on Zillow. There is no one place where all of the homes that are for sale by owner are listed so it is important to go where the traffic is.

Boston Real Estate for Sale and the Bottom Line

The Fall season market is heating up. The number of homes for sale was up slightly from the last few weeks. Boston condo buyers have been shopping again and making offers. We are still in a strong selling market.

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