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Resident to neighbors: enough is enough!

Are your Boston downtown neighbors the worst? Maybe they throw wild parties or peep over the fence. Maybe they just make terrible small talk. Whatever it is that grinds your gears, you can bet it comes in on this list of the top neighbor frustrations.

The recent survey, conducted by Lombardo Homes, includes feedback from a range of Americans. And it appears that annoying neighbors are everywhere. More than half of the respondents are living near an annoying neighbor currently: 57% of single-family homeowners report this as do 28% of apartment-dwellers.

But, in addition to revealing their neighbors’ most offensive behaviors, respondents also said they dealt with them.

The top 20 neighbor annoyances

1. Noise
2. Not cleaning up after pets
3. Intrusive/nosy
4. Parking issues
5. Unsupervised children
6. Aggressive animals
7. Heavy/loud footsteps
8. Cigarette smoke
9. Unkempt landscaping
10. Passive aggressiveness
11. Overflowing garbage
12. Odors
13. Marijuana smoke
14. Grumpiness
15. Dirty home exterior
16. Overly chatty
17. Unsightly storage
18. Not cleaning up after children
19. Trespassing
20. Public intoxication

Unsurprisingly, the No. 1 annoyance was noise. And the homebuilder’s survey dug further into the issue. Within the noise category, the biggest complaints were, in order: loud music, shouting, loud children and noisy exterior work (like lawn care or construction). Most respondents agreed that loud noises should cease by 10 p.m.

But what about when people refuse to keep it down?

Most respondents (37%) said they have confronted a neighbor face-to-face over frustrations while 20% filed formal complaints. Seventeen percent admitted to doing something else annoying as revenge.

Sometimes, though, nothing seems to work. And that’s when you may want to move. Seventeen percent of respondents said they chose not to re-sign a lease because of their neighbors, while 14% decided to move.

Boston Condos for sale Sale and Rent


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Boston Condos for sale Sale and Rent


We need a more active citizen population in our city, don’t you think?

Let’s all get involved in what goes on in each of our neighborhoods.

This weekend, write a letter to your local newspaper. It’s at least a start. Then, next week, attend a local zoning board meeting or neighborhood association meeting.

Next spring, you can kick-off your run for City Councilor or … Mayor of Boston, 2009.

From this week’s South End News:

During a recent community meeting to discuss Boston University’s Biosafety Lab, a South End resident asked, “What is the worst case risk?” After years of discussion on the subject, how could anyone be unclear on the worst case risk?

It’s obvious what the ‘worst case risk’ is: The worst case risk is that an airborne virus is released into the area and hundreds, if not thousands, of residents are stricken ill and/or die (most likely, slowly and painfully). That’s the worst case risk. Does anyone not know that?

But, here’s the kicker. No one in our neighborhood really seems to care except a small group of obsessed residents (some of whom seem, honestly, to be a bit loony). The rest of us are going on with our lives, focused on concerns and problems a bit more important and/or relevant.

It’s entertaining to read each week about those opposed to the BioLab (yes, what would happen if insects escaped the lab and flew around the neighborhood and, yes, what would happen if a comet hit the South End?). But, as rational people, we understand the risk yet it just doesn’t matter.

Enough is enough.

Dear critics of the BioLab: You’ve had your say, and you’ve lost the fight. Now, let them build it, in peace!

From the South End News.

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