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The importance of storytelling and selling real estate

A while back, a friend told me the importance of storytelling as a way of increasing readership to your Boston Real Estate Blog. After giving it some thought, I tend to agree. Whether you’re buying a Boston condo for sale or renting a Beacon Hill apartment, we all enjoy a good story.

The video below, from the TV series Mad Men, provides a shining example of my friends point. We have two short clips, both are of Don Draper being interviewed, which one do you think is more compelling?

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Not all stories are as compelling as the video above, especially mine.

A Boston condo broker was visiting Minnesota, this is what happened.

A Boston condo broker was visiting a friend in Minnesota, and they decided to have a wild time out in the town, which in Minnesota – means a night at Ralph’s bowling alley.

image 71

While his friend was feasting on polish sausage’s, he noticed while looking out the window, a squall appeared, dumping a foot of snow on the ground.

Fearing that old Ralphs bowling alley might be closed, and his night of boisterous entertainment might be in a collision course with the snow, he decided to call.

“Are you open,” the Boston condo broker inquired.

“Yes, Why?’ Old Ralph responded.

“it’s snowing.’ Responded the broker

“Son, I’m not sure where you’re accent is from, but here in Minnesota we bowl indoors.”