Boston cono taxes

Boston condo taxes

The BBJ has a great list (scroll to the bottom) of the highest property tax rates in Massachusetts, for both residential and commercial rates.

First, the good news (somewhat): Boston ranks 243rd of all towns and cities in the state in terms of residential rates, at a 13.4 percent. The city’s commercial rate is $31.97, making it at 19th highest commercial rate in the state.

Now, the bad news (if you live in Longmeadow or own commercial property in Everett): Longmeadow’s residential rate of 21.54 percent was the highest in the state, while Everett’s commercial rate of $43.04 made it the highest commercial rate in the state, according to the BBJ’s survey.

Not surprisingly, communities with a lot of commercial space, as long as they don’t gouge commercial owners like Everett appears to do, tend to use their commercial-property revenues to keep their residential rates lower, such as Cambridge (233rd highest residential rate, 78th highest commercial rate) and Waltham (229th highest residential rate, 21st highest commercial).

Maybe Everett can learn a thing or two from those communities. Its commercial tax rate is absurd.

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Updated: 1st Quarter 2018.

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