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In Boston, a city known for its cold/snow New England winters, late December and early January tend to bring some very low temperatures.

People who are moving into a Beacon Hill condo can expect temperatures in the teens and low 20s, particularly if the nighttime breezes from the Boston Common are flowing to the east. The temperature inside your Beacon Hill condo will depend on how it was built or converted. The hastier conversions are the most troublesome in this regard. You may see exposed windows and window frames only to realize climate control wasn’t part of the condo conversion project. Here are some ideas on how you can keep your Boston condo warm and toasty during the coldest days in Boston.

Portable Space Heaters

These devices are more advanced, safer, and more affordable than ever before, but you don’t want to run more than two at the same time in your condominium. Infrared space heaters tend to cost more, but they’re worth the investment. This solution should be temporary. You’ll always be better off with a furnace, heat pump, and proper insulation Beacon Hill building.

Gas Furnace

If your Boston condo is located within the area serviced by gas this is the best way to heat your Boston condo or any other dwelling is by means of a natural gas furnace. Keep in mind that a gas installation will also allow you to heat your water and operate your stove and oven, so this is a comprehensive long-term investment.

Heat Pumps

These HVAC devices are more common than gas furnaces in newer Beacon Hill condo conversions for various reasons, the most important of which is that they’re more affordable.  Heat pumps are now more eco-friendly than gas furnaces. As for maintenance, modern heat pumps are more efficient and don’t malfunction as often.

Proper Insulation

 In older Beacon Hill buildings it common the find poorly insulated spaces will get cold come January 2020. The minimum amount of insulation required by the Boston building code may not be sufficient to keep your Beacon Hill condominium warm during the coldest nights. Moreover, older Beacon Hill buildings may have cracks and gaps around doors and windows that allow heat to escape and cold air to enter. If you start feeling cold drafts inside your condominium, look into installing weather stripping around all the windows and doors. Heavy curtains and thicker windowpanes can also help in this regard.

Even in the middle of winter, downtown Boston is one of the finest places to live, which is only one reason to consider investing in downtown Boston real estate. If you’re ready to find your perfect home in the downtown district of America’s Finest City, call on the professionals at Ford Realty to assist with your search. Give one of our friendly agents a call today at 617-595-3712

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