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Why are these Bostonians so loud?

Downtown Boston condo owners who’ve sold their unit and moved to seek pastures new in smaller, quieter towns during the pandemic are facing resistance from existing residence over their lifestyles.

Boston residents

Boston reaidents


Apparently, they seem to have a different life understanding: That living in burba is just like living in the city—the constant noise, hosting friends until the wee hours of the night is not making some neighbors happy;

Complaints are growing in other suburbs too. The point is that many new arrivals in the suburbs aren’t in tune with the slower pace of life and the more neighborly vibe it offers. They’re taking on noisy remodeling projects that upset their neighbors, and there are nastier habits too, such as letting their dogs relieve themselves on neighbor’s lawns. Late night parties are another annoyance, and all the more so due to the health risk, they pose in these pandemic times. Indeed, the New York Post said noise violations are becoming more commonplace in the suburbs, and that real estate agents find themselves caught up in this, having to set expectations to their urban clients that they may not be familiar with.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

On the positive side though, suburban residents do have one reason to the thankful to their newer, noisier neighbors. They’re influx is driving home prices up, which is a good thing for any current homeowner who’s thinking about selling up and moving elsewhere. Suburban home prices have increased by between 35% and 45% on average, depending on the area, as people fight to buy up a limited number of properties on the market.

Boston Condos for Sale 


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