Basing your offer Beacon Hill condo for sale price largely on square footage is not something I recommend doing. Though price-per-square foot is one of the most frequently referenced data points when it comes to Beacon Hill condos for sale, it’s a notoriously unreliable metric.

Beacon Hill condos for sale differ

Beacon Hill real estate by no means is cookie cutter. There’s no standardized square footage source. Sellers and listing agents quote square footage from past appraisals, tax records, and floor plan measure’s and past sales all of which can be very different.

For example, it’s no secret that tax records can be wildly inaccurate and outdated.

Equally important is the fact that Beacon Hill housing inventory varies. For example, there are Beacon Hill for sale that are 5 floor walk-ups, others with an elevator. We also have private roof decks and other with common roof decks or none at all.

Beacon Hill condo for sale appraisals

Past appraisals can provide accurate square footage counts, but I’ve seen cases where there are two or three appraisals on hand that have all had different numbers. And as you might expect, sellers and agents typically reference the highest number. As one agent recently commented to me, “The square footage sometimes grows over time.” She mentioned one Beacon Hill property in particular that had changed hands three times over a ten-year period, and each time, the square footage increased in the MLS.

I’ve heard anecdotes recently from my colleagues about buyers who got into contract on a Beacon Hill condo for sale and ended up making a fuss when their appraisals resulted in significantly less square footage than what the disclosures suggested. Buyers need to prepare themselves for this possibility, especially when they’re writing offers with no appraisal contingencies.


So if you’re comparing values by price-per-square-foot, do so with a grain of salt.

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