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Just a couple of thoughts.

Earlier today, someone associated with The 1850 condo development thought that she/he would be clever and posted a comment on my blog about how great things are over there.

Can’t blame them for trying, can you?

But, I had already said something positive about the development, so really, was it necessary?

And was it so necessary to be so blatantly PR about it?

Worse, the person then submitted almost the same comments to other blogs in the Boston-area.


Let your product speak for itself.

Then, while I was busy writing up important documents, someone Meebo’d me to ask if I knew anything about trouble brewing for one big Boston builder. Specifically, that a developer was having trouble making payments on his loans, and that the banks were going to foreclose.

I said I hadn’t.

The person then got into all the details. Or, at least what he thought he knew about it.

It seemed pretty obvious that he was just trying to bad-mouth the developer. Figured I’d be a willing dupe.

Sorry, no.

I mean, really.

Boston Real Estate for Sale


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