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Being in the Boston condo market both as an agent and an  real estate investor for over 25 years, Im still baffled by both sellers and real estate agents put on the importance of print advertising. In the 80’s and early 90’s,  print advertising for a Boston condo was important to attract a potential Boston condo buyers, because there was no other way for an individual real estate office to market to the world that your condo was on the market.

But times have changed.  With the development of the Multiple Listing Systems (MLS), as soon as a listing is taken the entire agent population of that area or region is informed.  Any respectiful Boston real estate agent and buyer is put on notice that a new Boston condo is for sale. In many cases, through new technologies, the buyers are directly informed of the new listing before even the agent can even reach out to them. Buyers already in the market will know that your condo is up for sale immediately. No print ad is required to do this.

You may ask – what about the buyer who is not yet actively engaging an agent in search of a Boston condo?  I can tell you from my experience, Boston condo buyers are searching the internet months before they are ready to commit. In most areas, once a condominium is placed on the MLS system, the listing hits a plethora of real estate internet sites (yes, includng where a Boston condo buyer can easily find it.

I bring this up, because the other day I was introduced to a seller who claims he’s agent isnt marketing his condo correctly. The seller claimed it wasnt selling because buyers were unaware of the condo.  I had to tell him the harsh realty that it is probably not because they are unaware of the listing. In 99% of the cases, it is about pricing. They know of it and, for some reason, have decided it is not worth seeing. The value was not there for them.

Price your Boston condo correctly the first time.

Do it right the first time: Contact Ford Realty to Price your Boston condo appropriately. And don’t believe that running more print ads will create a group of buyers that don’t understand value.

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Updated: January 2018

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