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Students now Looking to get out Beacon Hill apartment leases. Many college residents in downtown Boston secured Beacon Hill apartments for their senior year of college. There was no way they would have known that just a few months later college classes would be held entirely online.

Now some downtown Boston college students are trapped for the next year in a $2,000-a-month or more lease, which just began. And they can’t get out of the contract unless they can find new tenants to take their place.

Stuck with Beacon Hill Apartment Leases

Now some Suffolk Students are stuck with apartments while the school moved classes online in response to the COVID-19 crisis. That means they’ll be paying Beacon Hill apartment rents on housing they’re not occupying.

College Students Scrambling to get of Apartment Leases

The downtown Boston area isn’t unique. Across the country, many college students signed leases months in advance of the fall semester, expecting to return to school for in-person classes. Unfortunately, things often haven’t played out that way.

Some schools, including Harvard and Rutgers, along with the entire University of California system, announced this summer they would be predominantly online for the fall semester. Other schools, like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Michigan State University, changed course and announced they would go online for the rest of the semester only after students began returning and a surge of positive COVID-19 cases followed.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

The bottom line many students in college towns like Boston are scrambling to get out of pricey apartment leases.

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