For some Boston condo buyers, the best part of a real estate transaction is getting to the closing table. For others, it’s touring and viewing properties. Walking through a listed property is a visceral experience that many buyers find the most enjoyable aspect of the Boston condo-buying process. It’s the moment when prospective buyers start to trust their gut instincts and see themselves actually living there. Since buying a downtown high rise condo is a financially significant decision, it’s in your best interest to view listings with a critical, objective eye. Here are some recommendations you can follow to get the most out of your viewing.

Get Second and Third Opinions

It’s easier to be objective when you bring someone else along, preferably a real estate professional who can provide a second opinion and ask sellers the right questions. If you think of yourself as someone who doesn’t perform well under pressure, you’ll be better off having a dependable person by your side. Try not to settle for a second opinion. Once you feel strongly attached to a certain listing, get a third opinion from another professional—this time, a home inspector.

Become Familiar with Surface Area Measurements

Think of how much space your furniture and personal property will need as you view listings. Measure your current interior square footage and compare it to the MLS entries your real estate agent suggests. Also take measurements of your furniture and closets to estimate if everything will fit. Keep in mind some condominiums offer additional storage space to homeowners.

Set Your Dwelling and Neighborhood Priorities

It’s easier to improve a Boston condo than it is to improve a neighborhood. For example, a professional executive may be very interested in high rise luxury condos in downtown. Boston has a huge variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality,  Beacon Hill and Back Bay for its old charm and Seaport District for is well known restaurants and waterfront views. It’s easier to move into a new place when you believe the neighborhood is perfect even if the property itself may not be the most ideal. You can always work on your Boston condo’s interior and make it as pleasant as the neighborhood. Similar priorities can be set regarding condo amenities. If a building has a rooftop lounge with a fire pit and a sweeping view of the Boston skyline that captures you, this could be all the convincing you truly need to make an offer on a listing.


It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you’re choosing a home from the myriad of options available in downtown Boston real estate. If you follow the suggestions we’ve mentioned here, you’re sure to feel like a property-viewing pro. Of course, don’t forget to call the real professionals at Ford Realty to guide you through the process of buying your perfect dream home. Call one of our friendly agents today at 617-720-5454 and set up an appointment to discuss all your home-buying needs.

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