Boston Condos for Sale are Moving Towards a More Balanced Market

Predicting how the real estate market will perform is like looking into a crystal ball. So, the best way to forecast how 2019  is by taking a look back at trends from the previous year.

2019, New Market

Last year truly was split down the middle with two distinct tales. The first half of the year kicked off with the same flurry of Boston condos for sale excitement . By late 2018, Boston condo for sale inventory jumped. At that time, the adjustment formally commenced and, since, conditions have been moving toward a more balanced market.

Home Sellers are Still in Control, with One Exception

Despite what feels of a market shift, Boston midtown condo sellers are still in control in all housing price ranges

Surprisingly, Home Prices Continued to Rise

With home sales evening out and inventory up, it might not make a lot of sense for Boston condo for sale prices to be up, but they continued to rise..

Notably, though, with more competition, many downtown Boston condo sellers have recently had to make price reductions for the first time in years.


Overall, a more balanced market is a good thing as we are shifting to a bit more normalcy. The Boston Beacon Hill condo housing market is still hot, albeit inventory is starting to rise which offers exceptional opportunities for homebuyers and sellers alike.

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