Boston Real Estate for Sale

There are ways developing properties in Boston; the wrong way (Columbus Center, perhaps) and the right way (Government Center Garage).

The Government Center Garage is a huge parking garage down the street from City Hall Plaza. It was built around the same time, and in the same style.

A decade ago (longer?), several floors of office space were added atop the multi-level garage. Now, a new owner has proposed tearing down the garage and replacing it with … well, it hasn’t been determined.

To help manage the whole process and encourage community feedback and discussion, the developer has created a website where you can learn about the project.

Beyond the obvious slant (there will be no saving this baby), everything else seems up in the air.

There is a lot to discuss about this space. How tall, how dense, and what will it be made up of (offices, parking, residential), and its ultimate design (I say, MORE BRICK!).

Based on the location, you’d think few people would care about what goes here. You, of course, would be wrong.

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