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If you are the owner of a Beacon Hill condo or a high rise condo in downtown Boston, your property is among the most sought-after real estate in the United States, and you will likely be able to entertain a few bids should you choose to enter the red-hot sellers’ market. The American housing market is not entirely cyclical. Periods of heavy activity come and go. Sometimes they favor buyers and other times they favor Beacon Hill condo homeowners who have built a generous amount of equity. Trying to time the housing market is not a good strategy. The key is to decide whether to participate or not. In 2018, people who own a Beacon Hill condo should consider selling them, and here are seven reasons why.

1. Millennials Want to Buy Urban Properties

Demographics and lifestyle are two factors making your Beacon Hill condo very desirable. If you decide to list your unit, you may notice many of the bids will be placed by young prospective buyers. Members of the Millennial generation tend to prefer living in urban centers with pedestrian appeal, a trend that is boosting your Beacon Hill property value and profile.

2. A Housing Bubble May Be on the Horizon

Home prices are rising across the United States. In some places, they are rising very quickly. This could be a prelude to a housing bubble, and you don’t want to get caught inside. Instead of holding out until prices are higher, consider listing your Beacon Hill condo now.

3. Mortgage Interest Rates Are Rising

If you think the sellers’ market is here to stay, think again. The Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, has made it clear that interest rate hikes are clearly coming soon, which means prospective borrowers are rushing to get their mortgages now. When the prime rate goes up, housing markets go down.

4. The Political Climate Is Unstable

Recent history shows that political crises at a major level are certainly possible, and few people think about buying condos for sale in Beacon Hill when their country is in disarray.

5. Inventory Is Shrinking

As more condos in Beacon Hill are sold, listings become more scarce and buyers become more motivated. If you do not want to spend too much time and effort preparing your unit for listing and showings, take advantage of current market conditions.

6. Many People Are Moving Here for Jobs

Here’s another factor that explains why your Beacon Hill condo might be attracting so much attention: a 2018 research study published by ZipRecruiter indicates Boston is a top market for college graduates looking to land their first major job. As a result, property investors who wish to become landlords are very interested in Beacon Hill condos.

7. It’s Time for a Fresh Start

If you feel it is time for a change, selling your Boston Beacon Hill condo may be the fresh start you need to explore new opportunities in life. Take your proceeds and start a new business, see the world, or embark on a new adventure.

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