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I was upset to hear that the 80-year-old newsstand in Harvard Square will likely no longer be in business.

According to the Boston Herald, Hudson News, which owns the famous newsstand notified officials that it wants to close its business at the landmark site, where newspapers have been sold since 1928.

Jay Fitzgerald of the Boston Herald reported. The reason for the newsstand’s probable demise: the declining sale of print newspapers and magazines in the Internet age. The article also stated. Laura Samuels, a vice president at Hudson News, said Hudson’s current lease of the kiosk ends at the end of this month-and the company will lease it only on a month-to-month basis through the end of January until it decides what to do.

I think it’s sad that Harvard Square is changing so much. First the old book stores went out of business now an 80-year-old newsstand may close. Is this called progress?

Source: Boston Herald

photo courtsey of Flickr

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