1. Open the drapery, curtains and pull up the shades, both day & night showings
2. Create a positive, bright, cheery mood.
3. Install higher wattage light bulbs
4. Remove all the clutter from every room
5. Create the illusion of spaciousness.
6. If you have a fireplace, highlight it.
7. Keep your home dusted and vacuumed at all times.
8. Have a “family” game plan to get the home in order quickly, if necessary for a showing
9. Air out your home at least one-half hour before showing, if possible.
10. Lightly spray room with a mild scented air freshener so that it has a chance to diffuse and air before buyer arrives.
11. Microwave a small dish of vanilla 20 minutes before the showing and place it in an out of the way place in the kitchen.
12. Create a master bedroom suite effect.
13. Make sure beds are made and the linens are fresh and clean.
14. Organize your closets, remove unnecessary items and put them in storage.
15. Bathrooms should always be kept spotlessly clean and clean smelling.
16. Do not leave towels around and wipe down the shower areas after each use. Stay ready for showings!
17. Re caulk if caulking is not sparkling white.
18. Put out fresh towels and decorative soap for showings.
19. Highlight the potential of your dining room by setting a grand dining table.
20. Deep clean your kitchen and keep it spotlessly clean and free of strong cooking odors.
21. Expand your counter space by removing small appliances.
22. Highlight the eating area in your kitchen with a table set for dinner.
23. Shampoo all carpets and rugs and vacuum them daily.
24. If the carpet does not clean up well.Replace it.
25. Improve the traffic flow through every room by removing unnecessary furniture,knick knacks, hobby items, children’sitems, etc.
26. But, don’t go crazy. Avoid creating a“sterile” looking environment.
27. Remove all grease from range hoods,ovens, stove tops, walls, etc. Get professional help if necessary.
28. Clean the fireplace and keep it clean.
29. Put away family photo’s until your home is under contract. Prospective buyers will feel more like it can be their home
30. Remove unnecessary items from the attic, garage, tool shed, and storage area.Start packing.
31. Rent a storage space for these items or have a yard sale.
32. Fix the front door and the door bell. Paint it if it shows wear and tear.
33. Buy a new door mat.
34. Make sure the front door, storm door,screen door, etc. works wonderfully.
35. Create the feeling of a spacious entry area by using accents, mirrors, rugs, etc.
36. Regardless of the season, tackle Spring cleaning.
37. Wash all windows, inside and out.
38. Curtains should be fresh, clean and attractive.
39. Clean all light bulbs, light fixtures and chandeliers to brighten home.
40. Remove all smoke odors, pet odors,and odors resulting from hobbies. If you can smell it, you can’t sell it!
41. Straighten, tidy and remove unnecessary items from all closets.Create the feeling of spacious closets. 
42. Remove posters and adhesives from walls and doors, and putty any holes resulting from nails or other mishaps.
43. Depersonalize teenagers rooms and decorate in a neutral temperament.
44. Clean and paint the garage walls and floors to remove stains.
45. Paint all inside walls with off-white paint. Use 2 or more coats to cover bold, bright or dark walls.
46. All walls should be painted, not just washed. This will brighten the home and make it look bigger.
47. An investment in professional painting can really make the difference between “turning on” the buyer and sending up a “red flag”
48. Repair or replace all doors, closet doors, and/or windows so they open with ease.
49. Remove screens from all windows and put them in the garage or attic.
50. Repair or replace all banisters and handrails.
51.Repair or replace all broken tiles on walls, floors, or in shower/tub stalls.
52.Replace wallpaper.
53. If the house shows any signs of water or structural damage it may be necessary to obtain a structural engineer’s report.
54.Replace all toilet bowls if you can’t get them spotlessly clean.
55. Replace shower curtains and keep them clean.
56. Replace the washers in faucets and remove rust stains from basins.
57.Water and prune all plants, especially around windows to allow light entry.
58. Use plants in transitional areas of your home between inside & outside.
59. Either get rid of dying plants or keep them out of sight.
60. Remove any excess electrical extension cords and exposed wiring.
61. Open doors to areas you want the potential buyer to see such as walk-in closets, pantries, attic, basement, etc.
62. Close all other closet doors and closets.
63. Make the attic as pleasant as possible by airing it out, and decorating if possible.
64. Add visual appeal to stairways.
65. Keep the yard mowed, raked, fertilized and watered at all times.
66. Remove all toys, bicycles, tools, unsightly patio furniture, trash, etc. from the yard or common area
67. Trees and shrubs should be pruned and trimmed.
68. Lawns and gardens should be weeded at all times.
69. Apply a nitrogen treatment to brighten lawn color.
70. Use flowering plants to dress up yard, walkways and patio.
71. All hoses and garden equipment should be kept neatly out of sight.
72. Outdoor furniture should be kept clean and/or repainted if necessary. If furniture does not enhance the setting, remove it.
73. Paint and repair mailbox or replace it if necessary.74. Make all those minor repairs to exterior.
75. Replace all rotted wood, including at the edges of the roof.
76. Porches, steps, verandas, balconies, patios and other extensions of
the house should be kept uncluttered, swept and in good condition.
77. Put a fresh coat of paint all entrance doors.
78. Shades and awnings should be in good, workable condition. Replace if color has faded. Remove windsocks.
79. Create an inviting outdoor living/ dining area with furniture and plants.
80. Highlight your garden, etc. with lighting, benches, planters, flowering plants, etc.
81. Take nighttime photos of decorative yard lightening systems.
82. Take pictures of your flower box
83. Clean and shine all accessories(door knobs, knockers, lamps, address numbers).
84. Clean, repair and paint all gutters and downspouts.

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