Boston Real Estate for Sale

Boston Real Estate for Sale


John, this is a big deal for a Boston real estate broker. That’s how a recent telephone conversation I had started off this morning.

I won’t bore you with all the details how this Boston real estate broker just put a multi-unit Boston real estate deal under agreement.


Before the conversation ended I told this younger Boston real estate agent under agreement is not the same as SOLD. 

A Boston real estate fable

A little Mole once said to his Mother:

“Why, Mother, you said I was blind! But I am sure I can see!”

Mother Mole saw she would have to get such conceit out of his head. So she put a bit of frankincense before him and asked him to tell what it was.

The little Mole peered at it.

“Why, that’s a pebble!”

“Well, my son, that proves you’ve lost your sense of smell as well as being blind.”

Boast of one thing and you will be found lacking in that and a few other things as well.

Boston Real Estate for Sale


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