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A Boston condo broker’s story of the day

A Boston condo broker’s story of the day

“I said no.”
Arms folded, Mona’s leaned against the fridge.
“You’re being unreasonable,” I retorted, slapping the kitchen table out of frustration.

Mona inhaled deeply, closing her eyes to encourage happy thoughts. Like when I still had full set of hair.

“Please,” I begged, my footsteps squeeking on the tiles as I approached.
Mona felt the weight of my hand on her shoulder before shrugging it off.
“Are you listening? I said no.”

I huffed and raised my hands in defeat.
“Fine. You win. As always.”

Sighing with relief, Mona retrieved the box from the fridge and ate the last slice of the chocolate cake.

I promise I’ll have a happier story tomorow – stay tuned.

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