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A few items I was pondering about this morning:

Boston real estate broker pondering on:  Easter travel plans

Hmm….I probably should call my parents and tell them I won’t visiting them in N.Y. I guess my travel plans boil down to two options; the kitchen, or the living-room.

Boston real estate broker pondering on: Binge eating

My Levis jeans are getting tight…..I need to start social-distancing myself from the refrigerator.

Boston real estate broker pondering on: Clothing

Why do  Levis jeans have a small pocket on the inside in one of their pockets?

After google search…..

The small pocket is for a pocket watch…someone should notify the Levis marketing dept that pocket watches went out of style in the 18800’s. Maybe I’ll put that on my today’s To-Do-List.

Boston real estate broker broker pondering on: Clocks & watches

I don’t think anyone expected that when we changed the clocks we’d go from Standard Time Zone to the Twilight Zone

Boston real broker on pondering: Politics

Where has Rudy Giuliani been? I know he’s up to something…..and its probably bad

Boston real estate for sale

Now lets all ponder on Boston real estate for sale and Beacon Hill apartments for rent.

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