A family finds what seems to be a perfect home. Within hours of closing, however, the husband and wife discover there may have been a huge oil tank leak, something not disclosed by the sellers.

Unfortunately for the young couple, their newly purchased single-family home … was an environmental time bomb.

“Our first night there we did what the seller’s agent suggested – opened the windows because it was a nice night, and unplugged the air-fresheners,” he said. “But we woke up to a horrible smell. It was everywhere.”

The couple gathered their sons, Andrew, 6, and Tim Jr., 1, and left the house. Relatives who helped them move furniture and other belongings into the house also removed large throw rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting.

“From what we’ve been able to find out, the leak occurred many years ago and the oil line was replaced in 2000,” he said. “We lost all of our upholstered furniture, our clothing, everything smelled of oil. Even our plastic Tupperware smelled like oil.”

Walter and Joan Mercer, who owned and lived in the house for 34 years, have relocated to California.

“They flew out of Manchester Airport the day after the closing,” said Creamer. “We tried to stop payment on the property, but it had already been recorded at the Registry of Deeds, so it was too late.”

The buyers appear to have had their own agent (although maybe not, just someone else from the same office), plus they were in the house three times looking it over before they bought it. Plus, they had a home inspection.

Those are all good things to do, when buying a home or condo. Still, there’s always a bit of risk involved.

This one’s going to court.

Complete article: Family in financial ruin after being duped into buying nightmare home – by David Liscio, The Daily Item of Lynn

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Updated: January 2018

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