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A story about the Beacon Hill new 20 year old water heater

The other day, I had a conversation with a local plumber who was working on Charles Street in Beacon Hill.

Every plumber has a version of the “I went over and had to flip a switch” story, but this one takes the cake.

John the plumber was called to a retail shop on Charles Street in Beacon Hill to investigate a hot water issue. He was escorted to the tank, which was easily over twenty years old but seemed to be in perfect condition. Upon speaking with the retail manager, the plumber discovered that the tank had never once produced hot water for many years. The employees soon got used to having no hot water in their kitchenette, but the Beacon Hill building owner finally agreed to replace the heater in order to renew the retail Beacon Hill retail lease for 2023.

The plumber looked at the tank, saw the switch was in the off position, and flicked it on. And now its working perfectly.

The plumber wrote up a bill for $150.00. The retail manger questioned the bill. “$150.00 to flip a switch, I told my boyfriend he’s wasting his time in law school he should be a plumber.”

Beacon Hill real estate and the bottom line

Some of the best plumbing stories aren’t actually the gross ones you’d expect, but simply unusual circumstances. If you have a friend who’s a plumber, it would certainly pay to take them for a drink and hear some of the things they’ve encountered over the years. They may be a little gross, but they’ll certainly give you a laugh.

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