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A story about waiting for the Amtrak train to Boston

While waiting for the Amtrak train back to Boston, I was sitting acrosss from a mother and her daughter. After making some pleasantries, I told the mother, “I think its great that your young daughter is into reading books at a such a young age.” The mother responded, “My daughter is reading The Harry Potter series and I’m somewhat worried that the stories may have her become curious about sorcery, wizardry ect.’

Sensing this conversation was going in the opposite direction that I intended. I responded “I understand your concern, I would think even children understand that the Harry Potter series, is entirely Fiction. The scenarios J.K Rowling created are entirely make-believe.

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Boston condos

After an awkward pause, I asked, “What is your daughter dressing up for this Halloween?” The daughter put her book down, and responded, “My favorite person in the whole wide world.” Who’s that I asked. She responded “Harry Potter.”

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Boston condos

As the mother was shaking her head, I heard over the PA system, “The Amtrak train to Boston will be arriving on track 2.”

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Boston condos

On another note completely, if you’re interested in purchasing a Boston condo for sale or renting a Beacon Hill apartment, keep me in mind, remember the Boston real estate market is anything but make-believe.

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