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Scott Van Voorhis writes a column about whether or not we should call the Seaport District the “Seaport District”.

Answer: Yes.

Development is booming along the waterfront by Fan Pier and the Moakley federal courthouse. But confusion reigns over the area’s name and even its brand identity.

City Hall is preparing to roll out dozens of signs for pedestrians and motorists across the fast-growing district stamped with its official name: South Boston Waterfront.

But even as city officials put up signs with the area’s government-sanctioned name, the “Seaport” label – born during the 1990s as plans were being laid for the redevelopment of this key stretch of harborside – survives.

The only reason the city is even thinking about using the SBW nomenclature is to pacify the politicians in South Boston. Nobody else much cares, I don’t think.

Source: Name that new town; Some say Seaport; city calls it South Boston Waterfront – By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

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