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Am I the only Boston real estate broker gaining weight? I gotta stop snacking so much

Today, I was late for a Beacon Hill apartment showing so I left the office and started run-up Revere Street. After 30 seconds (Maybe 45 sec) I gave up and called the other broker I was running (err.. Walking) late.

What has happened to me, yes I’m getting older but I’ve gained too much weight. And I’ve decided that I can’t use the pandemic as an excuse for my excessive snacking. Today for the rest of the week no more snacking.

I’m reminded of this skit from the King of Queens

Beacon Hill Apartments and the Bottom Line

If you’re looking to rent a Beacon Hill apartment for rent in the spring of 2021, please contact me at 617-595-3712. I promise you I’ll be in shape by then

Boston Beacon Hill Apartments for Rent


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