Here are some incredible photos of the real-life boomtown of Williston, North Dakota, where there’s now literally an old-fashioned oil rush under way, not unlike the California gold rush of the 1800s. No kidding.

A few years ago, you could have purchased rural property there for about $500 an acre. Today, land owners are turning down offers of $200,000 an acre. So many workers are flocking to the area, tiny apartments are being rented out at Boston/New York-like prices. They’re building and selling small shacks that make Levittown homes look like mansions. Wal-mart is having to kick campers/RVs out of its local parking lots.

It’s really historic, when you think about it. America has become such a white-collar, service-orientated economy, you just don’t expect things like this to happen in our life times. But it is. It’s exciting.

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