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Beacon Hill apartment rental and a beer

Beacon Hill apartment rental and a beer. The Beacon Hill rental agent ordered a beer and watched Beacon Hill Capital workers pouring into the pub. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to face Jimmy. who wasted no time on formalities. “I hear you’re the best Beacon Hill apartment rental agent.”

The Ford rental agent smiled. “Where on the hill do you want to live?”

“We’ve been in a short-term rental but I need a permanent solution to save money. Can you help up?”

“Of course.”

The agent and Jimmy headed straight for the Ford Realty website on their cell phones. Finding the target was easy. It was over in minutes.

Jimmy smiled as he viewed the apartment online. He texted his wife, I think I just found the perfect apartment. Money rental issue resolved. All win – only a half month broker fee!

21st Amendment - Ford Realty Inc

21st Amendment – Ford Realty Inc

Peace be with you

Are you like Jimmy looking for an affordable Beacon Hill apartment? Look no further there listed below:

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Where is Ford Realty Located?

Ford Realty is located in 137 Charles Street in Beacon Hill

Ford Realty Beacon Hill – Condo for Sale Office

Boston condos for sale - Ford Realty Inc

Boston condos for sale – Ford Realty Inc

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