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Beacon Hill bloggers invisible wink

Have you ever heard of the writers “invisible wink?”
What is a writers invisible wink? Its a writing technique that is inside baseball.
Let me try to expand on this. The key to an invisible wink is that insiders get the wink while outsiders do not notice the wink; informative to insiders, neutral to outsiders.
If I didn’t tell you about writers “invisible wink” would you have picked it up on this blog post below.

A friendship connected by the Longfellow Bridge

The miles we walked during the day were the same, but the trains taken home were not.

How did we wander so far apart? What did I say that was wrong.

If we could travel in time, would you choose to be my friend? Through sharing our joys we’d triumph over our troubles.  Wasn’t that how we were meant to be? You and me.. friends forever.

Friendship card - Friends forever | Affirmations Publishing House

Where is Ford Realty Located?

Ford Realty is located in 137 Charles Street in Beacon Hill

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Boston condos for sale – Ford Realty Inc

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