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Beacon Hill broker flipping out

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Beacon Hill broker flipping out. I decided to work from home today. My Back Bay condo for sale showing was canceled, I also delegated my Beacon Hill viewing.

I thought I would concentrate on my breakfast cooking craft. My pancake-making skills have never been much to brag about.

Lets begin, first I found a book entitled, Taste of Home. I’m already liking what I’m reading, “The dash of salt makes all the difference…: Batter into frying pan, so far so good.

My pancake-flipping skills are where things fall apart, literally.

As a result of poor spatula skills, I volunteered to eat the burnt and broken pancakes that Mona won’t eat. 

Emperor's pancake – Kaiserschmarrn – Sweet Thought

I enjoyed my eight broken pancakes, Mona sarcastically thanked me for her one pancake.

Love to tell you more of the story, but my cell phone is ringing, hopefully its a Boston Seaport high rise condo showing.

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Where is Ford Realty Located?

Ford Realty is located in 137 Charles Street in Beacon Hill



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