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Beacon Hill Homes and Frozen Pipes

It looks like that we’re going to have cold weather today. I bring this up because, I know a Beacon Hill home owner who has dealt with frozen pipes in the past.

Beacon Hill Homeowner

The last time the pipe froze was when the temperature dropped and we had extreme cold winds. He turned the faucet on and after about 10 hours the pipe thawed on its own. The best way for a homeowner to thaw a pipe is with a hairdryer. It takes patience but it works. Turn the spigot on and aim the hairdryer at the frozen pipe. Be patient it takes time.

Having a plumber thaw the pipe is an even better idea but when we get the super cold weather plumbers are busy and they charge that extra emergency fee too.

Drains can freeze too. They can’t freeze unless there is water in them. A faucet that drips can cause a drain to freeze. Putting a stopper in the drain or putting something under the drip to catch the water will work as a temporary fix.

Beacon Hill Real Estate Sellers

I have toured Beacon Hill homes that were damaged after the pipes were frozen and burst as they thawed. It isn’t a pretty sight and depending upon the circumstances homeowners insurance may not pay for the repairs.

Beacon Hill home sellers who plan to have their vacant on the market in the winter should have it winterized. Most plumbers can do this and some homeowners do it themselves. Winterizing involves turning off the water and draining the plumbing and water heater.

Beacon Hill Homebuyers

Beacon Hill buyers should insist that the water be turned on prior to a complete home inspection. I like to put the request right in the purchase agreement.

Beacon Hill Real Estate and the Bottom Line

When I sell my my friends Boston Beacon Hill home I will need to disclose that he have had frozen pipes.

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