Beacon Hill Condos

Boston Beacon Hill Condos

One of the craziest stories from last decade’s housing boom – before it all came crashing down – was the purchase of a literal hole in the ground for $450,00 at the corner of David G. Mugar and Beaver Place on Beacon Hill.

If you recall, a former Delta Airlines pilot bought the state property — the site of a former MDC work shed that had been torn down, leaving only a sad cement foundation that was often filled with broken glass and trash, not to mention the occasional rat or two – and planned to build a residential building on the super-tiny plot. Some neighbors didn’t like the plan.

The Herald had an absolute field day with the controversy (“Hole Sweet Hole”).

But it turns out the house was never built (as anyone walking near there has noticed) and today its new owners plan to turn it into a small garden, eliminating one of the city’s truly oddest eyesores.

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