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Are young professionals swarming into the South End, the self-proclaimed “best neighborhood in America”?

[I]t sure seems that way,” said Devin Cole, organizer of Boston’s young people outreach effort, Onein3. The name Onein3 comes from the fact that one in three people in the city of Boston is between the ages of 20 and 34. Cole says that while new data isn’t forthcoming on where all these Onein3-ers live, he did say, “We get a lot of attention paid to Onein3 in the South End.”

“Most of … the proof is anecdotal, but a lot of people I know have moved to the South End. It’s definitely a place where young people really want to come to and there’s a lot reasons for that,” Cole continued.

Cole and others say that people are attracted to the South End’s “urban” feel: it’s close to downtown, easily accessible by public transportation, chock full of great restaurants and shops. And, say residents, unlike other neighborhoods, it’s full of people who really want to meet their neighbors.

The South End – it’s great!

Source: Bucking the trend – By Linda Rodriguez, The South End News

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