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Boston Apartment Renters: Be cautious about giving our your Social Security Number

I don’t use a lot of paper these days but I still use some. There are actually people living among us who do not use the internet or have email accounts or even a smartphone.

That makes my job a little harder. Instead of using electronic signatures and email, I print paper documents deliver them for signature, and then scan the signed documents and email them to Realtors, Beacon Hill apartment owners, and lenders.

After the documents have been scanned I shred the paper documents. There are people who keep paper records forever but I am not one of those people. For me everything is digital and everything is automatically backed up.

If you made it this far this is where the Rental application comes in. I run the paper documents through my paper shredder. If you are a Beacon Hill apartment renter and you provide your Social Security Number please make sure you witness that the paper with your vital information on it is properly disposed of

It amazes me how often people provide SS#’s not realizing if the information was found by the wrong person, they can create havoc to your credit scoring.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

If you have a neighbor or friend or loved one applying for a Beacon Hill apartment please inform them to be careful with giving out their SS #

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