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Boston condo broker visiting his parents

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Boston condo broker visiting his parents

On my way to Somers NY to visit my parents.

I come from the kind of family where my mother kept extra rolls of toilet paper on the tank of the toilet and it always had little knit hats with a pom-pom on it.

I never knew if it was so guests wouldn’t know that we had extra rolls of toilet paper, or because my mother felt even toilet paper is embarrassed to be what it is.

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And while on on the topic, our basement couch always had little fabric toupees on the arm rest. In my earlier years, she once had plastic coverings on some of her chairs. I learned very quickly never to sit on those chairs with shorts on. Swanna Plastic Dining Chair Covers with Backrests,Clear PVC  Seat Chair Protector Waterproof Cover,Fit W/21 x D/18 Inch (2 Pack) : Home  & Kitchen

I guess this is why I never used recreational drugs. Reality at home was trippy enough.

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Boston condo broker visiting his parents

I love visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. However:

We’ve entered the time of year where I can’t go into the kitchen to get something to eat without my mom yelling “Those are for Thanksgiving!!” So I guess I’ll starve for the next 3 days.

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Where is Ford Realty Located?

Ford Realty is located in 137 Charles Street in Beacon Hill

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