Boston condo broker who’s not a big fan of cars

As I get older, I’m less impressed with cars, I guess I’m the opposite of Jay Leno. I’m also not very funny

But back to owning cars in downtown Boston.

Owning a car in downtown Boston is expensive, Couples with two cars can move in and drive anywhere they need to go. I am not a fan of that lifestyle at least not for myself. I would rather live in the city, own one or fewer cars, walk, bike, or use  scooters.

Walking is good for the legs and the heart and the brain too. Sure it takes time but maybe that is the reward for growing older, more time for walking.

Cars are expensive, parking is expensive, car insurance is expensive and so is gasoline. Having two cars is twice as expensive. Walking is cheap.

Boston condos for sale and Beacon Hill apartments for rent

Let’s take a walk today and view either Back Bay, Beacon Hill or Seaport condos for sale. I can also show you new Beacon Hill apartments for rent in 2023.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Have a great day!

Walking: A More Potent Exercise than We Think - Apollo Hospitals Blog

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