Boston condo brokers conversation on a cold day

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Boston condo brokers conversation on a cold day

At first I was thinking about going to my real estate office in Beacon Hill, but once I heard the weather forecast, that thought died, faster than the Patriots playoff season.

My girlfriend who I love (most of the time). She has this theory that if I lose weight I would in return be a better Boston condo seller and a Beacon Hill apartment renter.

So lets jump into our last conversation about, of all things – my diet.

Mona: John have you ever thought about snacking on tinned fish like anchovies and sardines lately (or ever?)

Me: No.

Mona: Did you know they’re one of the healthiest snacks around? You’re missing out on an affordable nutritional powerhouse.

Me: That’s nice.

Mona: Tin fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium and vitamin A.

Me: Can you pass me the potato chips.