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Boston condo brokers snow day of boredom

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Boston condo brokers snow day of boredom

Remember, when you were a child and loved snow days, school would be canceled. Today, I continued that tradition, I stayed home from work.

3:19 pm, I’ve scheduled Boston condo for sale appointments along with Beacon Hill apartment showings. In addition, I shoveled the driveway, from this built-up snowstorm that never really arrived.

Now it’s 4:39pm, boredom is sitting in, I feel myself beginning to doze off on the couch.

The doorbell rings,  jolts me off the sofa. I peek through the living-room blinds I didn’t recognize the figure. 

“I’m coming!”

 My phone dings. A text pops up.

Ignoring my text, I dash to the door, but it’s too late. As van drives away, I feel sadness overtake me for a minute. Did I miss my pizza delivery? Smiling, I look to the ground. My Amazon order has arrived.

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