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Boston condo brokers visit to New Hampshire

The Boston condo broker had no showings this weekend that he planned out.

The New England weather was cold, he wasn’t sure of he wanted to go out.

The broker was persuaded to go to New Hampshire, and the politicians and the TV crews were all about

The candidates had solidified there fan base throughout 

However, one issue still stood-out.

A Boston broker gave a loud shout

“If you became President, how do you plan to prepare our country for the cold weather throughout?”

“Simple,” one replied with a tout.

“I would install a dome to hover over our country and Mexico so that no cold weather can play-out.”

Stunned silence by the devout. But the media was much in doubt 

The election process progressed from there. Claims and rebuttals were made no doubt

But in the end, we ended up right back as if it was November 8, 2016 or thereabout.

welcome to nh sign

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Byline – John Ford – Boston Seaport Condo Broker.

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