Even if you do not think of yourself as a Boston condo investor, you cannot ignore the great potential for value appreciation the downtown Boston condo market offers. For this reason, it is important to take full advantage of open house visits.

Open houses are part of a real estate selling strategy that has become a tradition among developers who complete model units and make them available to prospective buyers who do not necessarily have to schedule a tour. Instead, they can just check the times when the property is available to visit. For managers of new condominium towers, open houses are efficient in the sense that they can assign real estate agents to be present during certain shifts so they can answer questions and start negotiations if the opportunity arises. Private owners can also schedule open houses during weekends if they feel motivated to sell.

Visiting various open houses will allow you to evaluate floor plans and amenities. Sellers know the main premise of an open house is that anyone can visit, and this includes people who may be in town for a few days and for whom moving to a Boston condo is still in the prospective stages. If you have time to tour various condo towers, open houses will be more efficient than making individual appointments.

As you tour condos, Leather District lofts, and Beacon Hill penthouses or Boston high rises, and the other downtown districts, keep in mind these properties stand a great chance of generating substantial equity. Here are a few recommendations you can follow as you visit open houses during your search for a downtown Boston condo tours

Consider the Location Before the Structure

Take time to tour the neighborhood before you arrive at the open house. If things near the property are not in line with what you expect, you can skip the listing and move on to the next.

Ask the Right Questions

One of the best ways to tour open houses is to retain a real estate professional to take you along and provide all the information you need about the building and available listings. If you are going on your own, write a list of questions about the unit, the building, the neighborhood, and the purchase contract conditions.

Use Basic Etiquette

Boston has been a sellers’ market for the last few years, which means condo owners have every right to be selective about who they wish to sell their properties to. If condo owners or real estate agents welcome you with a set of open house rules, your failure to abide could easily result in being blacklisted even if your purchase bid is attractive. One example in this regard would be a seller who asks visitors to remove their shoes before entering the Beacon Hill condo.

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