Boston Condos for Sale and Apartments for Rent


Boston condo for sale sellers are opting to rent their condominium

As the Boston condo for sale market cools, brokers say pivots are common among hopeful sellers who opt to hold off on selling their units and instead rent them out to take advantage of the stronger market.

Boston condos for sale and days-on-market

You’re putting your money to work in a really good way, by tuning your old Boston condo for sale listing to an apartment rental

Boston Condos for sale and rising rates

Sellers and their brokers have had to get more creative as rising interest rates, high inflation and a lack of inventory caused buyers to flee and the market to deflate.

Contract signings were down 30 percent year over year last month according to the most recent survey from Redfin

The whole market has been so spoiled for so many years, It’s just a tough pill to swallow to turn your Boston condo for sale to an apartment rental

Boston Apartment Rentals

Meanwhile, renters have been rushing to the city looking for anything and everything. Those with expiring Covid discounts are looking for something cheaper, joining the wave of graduating students and those returning to the city after fleeing in the wake of the pandemic.

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