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The other day, I conducted a showing in one of the newest Boston luxury condo high rise buildings. As my client and I were in the elevator, and as others were entering and exiting. I noticed there was no “hello’s” or any friendly acknowledgements among the passengers.

As Bostonians, we talk a great deal about making our community a more welcoming society and more importantly in our own condo buildings for our neighbors and espcially for new Boston condo owners.

The big question is how do we put the flesh to the bone on this lofty goal?  Maybe in the elevators is where we can begin, after all its where we meet the most often. Making an effort to say hello in the elevator is one way to experience ourselves as a community. Being community is not a spectator sport where all we need to do is watch what is going on in our surroundings.

The vibrancy of our community belongs to all of us. Leaving all the work to a few  is not a good way to run a railroad. We can create a culture of hospitality and collaboration and a strong community when we all work together. Or just saying hello in the elevator.

Something to ponder about.

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Updated:  1st Q 2018

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