Boston prices were about 4 percent higher in the Boston region in June than they were a year earlier, one of the largest increases among large markets, according to real estate data firm FNC.

The company says its latest analysis of 30 metro areas shows Boston with the largest increase in prices year-over-year.

Most regions saw price drops compared with a year ago, mind you. FNC said it found increases in only two large markets: Detroit — yes, really — and Boston, both of which posted gains of about 4 percent for the month.

What I found hard to believe was this excerpt from the article:

Boston in particular, has enjoyed extended rebound with prices going up 9.1% in the first half of 2011. Other cities including Cincinnati, Columbus, Minneapolis, Nashville, and San Francisco also showed robust year-to-date price trends, rising between 4-5% since January.

File Under: Buy now or be priced out forever. (You must of known that one was coming)

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