So you’ve decided that you are ready to sell your condominium. The next step is deciding what Boston real estate agent you should use to help you sell it. One thing I see happen over and over again are the seller’s using the same agent that helped them buy the unit originally. Is this a good or bad idea? You are thinking that when you bought the unit, the transaction was reasonably smooth so you want to use the same agent. Again, is this a good idea or bad? The answer it depends.

The factors you should consider when selling your unit are very important because buying is very different than selling. One of the most important factors is whether or not the agent is a Boston condominium specialist or not. Should you hire an agent that is not a Boston condo specialist? My answer is no And the reason is simple, these agents just do not know the condo market. Most important, and this is a big one, their day to day marketing does not cater to condo buyers. As a condo specialist, my marketing is targeted to condo buyers. This is important because a typical agent can not just flip a switch and fill their pipeline with condo buyers. Here’s an important tip to ask your agent regarding selling Boston condos:

Boston condos for sale

Boston condos


If you have read my blog for any length of time, you have probably heard me say “Any agent can sell your place but at what price?” This is so true. I am a firm believer that good marketing makes a difference. It works for NIKE, Coca Cola, and Johnson & Johnson. Why do they continue marketing like they do? Because it works. Buyer’s are willing to pay more for something that is presented in a nicer way. Same can be done in real estate. If you can make a sub par listing look better than it is, you will get more people through the door. If a lazy or cheap agent does not pay for professional photos, the chances are the condo will not look as good as it could and it will lead to less people coming through the doors to look at it and in turn, the seller will get lower offers.

Now let’s say that original agent also does a fair amount of condos. All I need to say here is look at the previous paragraph. Marketing matters!


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