This is the time of year when everyone gets out their “crystal ball” and tries to predict what what will happen in the Boston condo market. One of my my co-workers wrote an article entitled “Where will Boston Home Prices Go in 2020?, in his article he has several real estate professionals address this exact issue.  Most experts believe that there will be positive growth, but have trouble agreeing on the actual % of growth.  Demand for Boston downtown real estate along with sill reasonable interest rates will most likely result in modest  equity growth in the Boston Midtown Real Estate market Keep an eye on interest rates in 2019.  All agree that they will continue to go up, but how high will be the question.  Higher interest rates will protect the national economy against inflation, but will have an affect on the affordability for the Boston condo buyer.   Right now the inventory levels for Beacon Hill Real Estate appear low. As equity rises, will there be more sellers willing to put their homes on the market?  Also, will new construction be able to add enough new properties to make an impact on this years sales?

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