First comes love, then comes marriage, next comes … escrow, closing costs, and school district squabbles? Few things (aside from bachelor parties) test new love quite like buying a Boston condo for sale together.Which makes sense: With real estate, there’s an awful lot on the line. As such, “small tensions and challenges tend to become inflated, difficult obstacles,”

So if you and your significant other are looking for Boston condos for sale, brace yourselves from some spats! Here are a few of the arguments you two lovebirds are bound to get sucked into, and how to resolve them so you can create your love nest—without nearly coming unhitched in the process.

Fight No. 1: What neighborhood to buy a Boston condo

Many couples disagree on where they want to settle down—because location affects so much in terms of daily commutes, school districts, and of course price.

A good location inevitably means paying more, and couples frequently disagree on whether it’s worth it.

The solution: Before you start house hunting, sit down with your partner and talk about which neighborhoods are on your wish lists. Hopefully there’s some overlap between the two, and if not, discuss

Fight No. 2: Whether the Boston condo is perfect enough to make an offer

Even if you and your sweetheart both like a particular home, whether you love it enoughto make an offer is where feelings often diverge.

The solution:  Couples grade each home they look at on a scale from 1 to 10, then compare their grades at the end of the day.

Fight No. 3: How aggressive the offer should be

Many times couples disagreeing on how aggressive they should be with their offer.

One spouse may not want to risk missing out on the home of their dreams, while the other is determined to try to negotiate a better price.

The solution: Just how hard a bargain you should drive should be determined mostly be the market. If listings are lingering for months, it’s a buyer’s market where bargain hunters have the upper hand. But if it’s a seller’s market where houses are moving fast, lowballing is a risky bet.

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