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This Boston real estate blog post was updated in January 2021

Boston Real Estate and First Impressions

To call first impressions important to selling a Boston condo for sale would be an understatement. So, if your home’s exterior is currently plagued by any outstanding aesthetic issues, it behooves you to speak with the condo association. For example, if your current paint job is faded, cracked, or chipping, there’s no time like the present to repaint.

Of course, aesthetic issues aren’t limited to the exterior itself. 

Boston Real Estate Repairs

With the exception of Boston real estate flippers, very few buyers are interested in purchasing a downtown Boston condo with major outstanding problems. Even if the cost of fixing these problems is subtracted from the asking price, you’d be hard-pressed to find a buyer willing to take on the hassle of dealing with large-scale property issues. With this in mind, make sure any outstanding problems pertaining to your home’s electricity, plumbing is taken care of in advance of selling.

Keep Your Major Appliances in Good Condition 

Major appliances are included in Boston condo sales. This means that large-scale devices like refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers will become the property of your home’s next owners. Unsurprisingly, the general condition of your appliances is likely to factor into the decision-making process of prospective buyers. That being the case, you’d be wise to keep your major appliances in peak condition and perform any necessary maintenance or repairs before listing your home. 

Be Open to Boston Condo for Sale Negotiations 

When selling Boston downtown real estate, it’s only natural to want the highest possible price. Not only does this Boston Midtown condo or Boston Seaport condo represent one of the largest investments you’ve ever made. However, it’s important to remember that it’s the buyer’s prerogative to spend as little as possible, so you should be willing to negotiate. This doesn’t mean that you should settle for a sum that’s far below your asking price, but when a potential purchaser makes a counter-offer, you’d do well to keep an open mind. 

Orginal Boston Real Estate Blog Post

Here are some tips you should do before placing your Boston condo for sale. Most of these tips you can do on your own and will increase the value without major construction.

Granted, a large-scale remodeling project will certainly raise the value of your Boston condo for sale, and buyers will definitely be lured to it, but the process will also break the bank, not to mention that payback isn’t guaranteed.  On top of that, prospective buyers might not like your version of remodeling because tastes do differ.

Yet the low-cost home improvements are pretty simple.  Some you can even carry out on your own and when they are taken collectively, chances are high they could expedite the sale of your property and bring you a reasonable profit from it.

Below are the top 4 low-cost home improvements you should consider when selling your home!

1. Paint And/Or Clean The Walls

Fresh Paint Is Great – What Low-Cost Home Improvements Should You Make Before Selling Your Home?

Let’s face it, freshly painted rooms are a natural attraction.  A clean and updated exterior too can also be alluring.  And guess what?  A simple paint job or scrubbing of the walls using proper tools and cleaning agents can bring exact results to your home.

2. Upgrade The Lighting

Does your living and dining room have those dull recessed lights?  If yes, this is the time to unscrew them and fix a brilliant replacement in their place.  Chandeliers would be a great option to consider.

If your other rooms have aged light bulbs, consider swapping them out with new ones that have proper voltage for the kind of fixtures in the room.  You may also consider adding energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures.  This is one of the best ways to make a home more energy efficient which is desired by many buyers nowadays!

You may also consider adding more lamps and fixtures such as under-cabinet lighting, desk lamps, bedside lamps, accent lighting, and tread lighting.

3. A Kitchen Facelift

It’s true that a kitchen is the heart of every home, which is why many potential home buyers prioritize it over other rooms.  If you update every other room to be clean and appealing, then spruce up your kitchen with low-cost cosmetic upgrades, more potential buyers will be encouraged to buy your house and the selling price will be higher.

A complete renovation of your kitchen sounds like a good idea, but the flip side of such a project is that it’s expensive and doesn’t guarantee reasonable returns.

4. Renew Floor Finishes & Replace Old Carpets

Replace Carpeting And/Or Flooring Before Listing Your Home – Top 5 Low-Cost Home Improvements To Consider Before Listing Your Home

Bearing in mind that your home could be purely vacant, flooring is among the things that count as far as first impressions goes.  Once a buyer steps inside the home, they will probably see the floor first.

Many floor types naturally take a beating over time and if yours looks worn, that might turn off a potential buyer.  Is there a way to avoid that?  Yes, absolutely!

Flooring stores and home centers do sell water-based products for renewing different floor types and they cost just a couple of hundred dollars.

An old or stained carpet is a definite turn-off, especially to prospective homeowners who plan to settle with their pets.  Hire a professional to clean it, but if that doesn’t do the trick, consider getting a fresh new carpet.

Boston Real Estate and the Botton Line

It’s not hard to see why some Beacon Hill or high rise condos stay on the market for months. Since homes represent the most expensive investment most of us will ever make, it’s hard to blame buyers for being selective. After all, if you’re going to devote decades of your life to pay off a mortgage, it’s only natural that you’d want the home to be perfect. As such, anyone looking to sell their home ASAP should take active measures to make the property more appealing to potential purchasers

One thing that makes these five low-cost home improvements unique is that all have the potential to immediately change the buyers perception of your home and raise its value.  That aside, none of them will empty your pockets as complete renovations would.  In fact, you can spread out the cost and do one update/upgrade at a time until the time you are ready to sell the house.

Do you need additional advice or information on other rewarding low-cost ideas that you can make before selling your home?  Please speak to a real estate professional.  They’ll be glad to share their expert knowledge and experience.

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